Entrepreneurs Call To Climate Action and COP21
Leading cleantech businesses and entrepreneurs from all corners of the world already have the solutions ready to help customers to better performance and lives without the need of harmful fossil fuel combustion or land use emissions. If you have a commercially available, sustainable cleantech innovation offer - Sign up to join the call for action on climate change from leaders at COP21.

Step 1: Complete the form below.
Step 2: Email your company logo to info@climatesolver.org.
Step 3: Share the Call to Action with your networks and follow updates on Twitter (http://twitter.com/climatesolver).
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I verify we are a pure-play cleantech innovation company. Growth of our core business serves our customers whilst displacing fossil fuel use and/or other greenhouse gas emissions from a life-cycle perspective. We do not cause other significant harm or risk to nature (e.g. through fundamentally altering river ecosystems, genetic modification of plants/animals, nuclear radiation or inefficient water/resource/land-use, etc.)

Are your product/services commercially available? *

This particular call is meant for entrepreneurs with a commercially available offer

Optional: Please provide a quote or statement from your CEO / Founder / Chairperson to world leaders

Feel free to add your personal CEO quote on enabling policy or investment environment for your transformative solution versus polluting ones. In a one-liner: How important is it to you that 2015 actually becomes a tipping point in our struggle against climate change? What must be done? We reserve the right to use quotes but do not promise that we can use all quotes.
Will you be attending any part of the the COP21 in Paris?

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